Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Game 47: How We Were Asdrubaled Into Submission

Last night in God's Forgotten City, the Red Sox dropped a tight decision to the Indians, 3-2, on a homer and a run scoring double from Asdrubal Cabrera. Even worse, Our Man DP had to leave the game after some sort of left ankle problem after slipping off the second base bag. Early word is he says he's fine. But then again, he always says that.


  1. Stressful!
    Last night was stressful.
    I wonder if Clay and Bard are friends today...
    I like the usage of "Asdrubal" as a verb. I've been trying to use "Posada" as a verb with negative implications for awhile now... it just hasn't caught on.

  2. To "posada" is to insist one can do something despite evidence to the contrary.
    "Steve says he's a good driver, but he's just posadaing. He crashed 3 cars this month!"