Monday, April 18, 2016

Week The First: April 3-9, 2016: "Price Goest Before The Fall"

After a delay of one day thanks to some wretched Eastern US weather, the 2016 season began with David Price doing David Price things, 6 innings with 5 hits and 2 runs followed by Tazawa, Koji, and Craig Kimbrel, just like they drew it up in the playbook, along with homers from Mookie and Papi. Game two began with 2015 flashbacks, the Indians climbing all over Cowboy Clay Buchholz early. After tying the game at 6, the bullpen gave the lead right back courtesy of old friend Mike Napoli going yard off of Taz in a 7-6 loss. Another cancellation followed, and the Sox moved on to Toronto on Friday, nearly blowing another one when Joe Kelly got back to where he once belonged with a 3 inning disasterpiece. But the bullpen held fast and Brock Holt hit a grand slam, leading to a 8-7 win. On Saturday, Rick Porcello made his debut giving up some early runs, but the offense kicked the life out of RA Dickey, winning 8-4, giving us a 3-1 week that seems deceptively rosy.

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