Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week The Sixth: May 8-14, 2016: "Busting Out The Whooping Sticks"

Sunday we begin in New Jack City, where the Red Sox unleashed that all purpose cure for poor umpiring, four home runs in a 5-1 win. Then came the Athletics and Astros to town, and the Carmine Hose brought back fond memories of George Scott, Butch Hobson, Jim Rice and the late 1970s thumpers, pounding out four straight double digit offensive bludgeonings, wins of 14-7, 13-5, 13-3, and 11-1. All things must pass, however, and George Springer's 3 for 5 capped a comeback by the Houstons in a 7-6 squeaker on Friday. The Red Sox seemed headed for defeat on Saturday too, trailing 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth, when David Ortiz did that thing he does, tripling in the tying run, and, not to be outdone, doubled home the game winner in the 11th for a 6-5 comeback walkoff win that capped a 6-1 week.

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