Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week The Fourth, April 24-30, 2016: A Kimbreltdown!

Sunday begins with a Kimbrel meltdown (A Kimbreltdown?), a 9th inning Colby Rasmus homer tying the game at 5, even though we eventually pulled it out with two runs in the twelfth. Monday was a simple 1-0 shutout, the lone run a JBJ blast, although it came against the terrible Braves, so maybe that should only be half a win. Tuesday brought a more respectable 11-4 smackdown of these same terrible Bravos, and Wednesday gave us another 9-4 beating of the Atlantans. Thursday ended all the joy and rapture with a 5-3 defeat, Bad Clay Buchholz rearing his head again. Friday brought us back home to Fenway and a 4-2 win over the Evil Empire, reaching the vaunted Dellin Betances for the winning tallies. Saturday brought more rapture than we are really entitled to, an 8-0 wipeout featuring dominance from Rick Porcello, of all people. We wrap up the week with a 6-1 record, and even though 4 of them came against the struggling Astros and the terrible Braves, they count as full wins in the standings.

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