Thursday, April 7, 2011

Game Five: Good Thing This Is Still Spring Training........Oh, Wait.

BOS 4 7 0
CLE 8 8 0

Something told us that counting on Dice K to stop a losing streak was a bad idea. Dice K had a typical Dice K outing- 5 innings, 96 pitches, 3 walks, 3 runs- while the "improved" bullpen got hammered once again. The bats remained frozen in amber- although it is a wee bit unreasonable to expect them to score 9 runs.

The stat has been tossed around that no team has started 0-4 and won the World Series. This seems impossible- after all, there are 158 (now 157) games left! How could four losses that come at the beginning of the year make all that much difference? The answer is, of course, they don't- it just seems that way.

The long march continues with a getaway day game this afternoon.

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