Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game The Second: Sadly Lackey

BOS 5-8-0
TEX 12-15-1


No woulda-coulda-shoulda today. After a not quite catch by Jacoby Ellsbury with two outs in the fourth inning last night, (Ells ran way into right center, almost catching the ball on the dead run, but it ticked off his glove for a hit) the Walker Texas Rangers erupted with vengeance and furious anger, beating John Lackey about the head and the neck for 6 runs, including a grand slam from out old buddy Yo Adrien. (Lackey walked Josh Hamilton to get to Beltre, which was the right play, even though it looks horrific in retrospect.)

Resolved: John Lackey is no longer a high quality starting pitcher in the major leagues, and we have to watch him pretend to do this for another 14 years or so while he gets paid eleventy billion dollars.

In other news, there is no Easter Bunny.

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