Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game The Third: Cowboy Clay, the Nation turns its lonely eyes to you...

BOS 1 5 0
TEX 5 9 1

The Red Sox were rode hard and put away wet in the series finale today in the yellow rose of Texas, where the Rangers continued their circuit clouting ways, hitting four more off of Cowboy Clay Buchholz on the way to a 5-1 win. Oft injured Matt Harrison stymied the Sox bats, the big lefty making the Bostons look like they had never played baseball before, never mind seen a left-hander pitch before.

I do have to take issue with one thing- Boston had the bases loaded with one run already in in a 4-1 game. Jacoby Ellsbury was up, who had looked helpless against Harrison, who was finally struggling for the first time in the whole game. Seated somewhere on Boston's bench was Mike Cameron, a veteran right handed hitter who happens to play a fair center field his ownself. I think a computer manager would make the move. A tabletop manager would. Terry Francona did not. However, Terry Francona has two more World Series wins than I do.

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